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Being a man of considerable means, he has been
able to sustain a " New Commonwealth " move-
ment and publish books and a periodical in
which his one great idea is elaborated rather
than developed.

But I will not deal further with the very
incoherent multitude that now echoes this word
" Federation ". Many among them will cease
to cerebrate further and fall by the wayside,
but many will go on thinking, and if they go on
thinking they will come to perceive more and
more clearly the realities of the case. Federation,
they will feel, is not enough.

So much for the present " Federalist" front.
As a fundamental basis of action, as a declared
end, it seems hopelessly vague and confused and,
if one may coin a phrase, hopelessly optimistic.
But since the concept seems to be the way to
release a number of minds from belief in the
sufficiency of a League of Nations, associated
or not associated with British Imperialism, it
has been worth while to consider how it can be
amplified and turned in the direction of that full
and open-eyed world-wide collectivisation which
a study of existing conditions obliges us to believe
is the only alternative to the complete degenera-
tion of our species.